Why Learn Chinese at Hunter College?

  • Hunter College offers the best quality of Chinese language courses and content-based interdisciplinary courses taught in Chinese or English.
  • Students receive individualized assistance from professional experts who are native speakers of Chinese and who have expertise in students’ areas of study.
  • The curriculum is designed for entry at any point, from first-year beginners to students who can start at the advanced level.
  • Language proficiency in all modalities is gained through courses and one-on-one sessions with trained language tutors with the same professional areas of interest or majors as the Flagship students.
  • If face-to-face meetings cannot be arranged, instruction can be conducted in the online live classroom platform where users on both ends can share documents in text, audio, and video formats.
  • Students have access to web-based multimedia materials designed for learning Chinese. These materials allow students to practice daily language functions, as well read essays and stories and write in Chinese.
  • Newly accepted Flagship students will participate in a summer intensive language training program at Hunter College to boost their language proficiency.
  • Flagship students will participate in a community service project during the winter break.
  • Flagship students with advanced-level proficiency will participate in a summer internship in translation and interpretation in New York City.
  • We will help students apply for scholarships to study abroad.

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