Our goal is to train students to achieve superior-level proficiency, as designated by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). This is equivalent to the ILR 3 level of proficiency in Chinese.

Those who have a superior-level command of the Chinese language and culture are able to function productively in a wide variety of professional settings.

The Language Flagship Program is comprised of both domestic and overseas study. There are currently two Overseas Chinese Flagship Centers, one located at Nanjing University and the other located at Tianjin Normal University. The Nanjing Overseas Center is administered by American Councils and Brigham Young University, while the Tianjin Overseas Center is fully administered by American Councils. Overseas Flagship offers a capstone-year of study in China, including direct enrollment at Nanjing University or Tianjin Normal University, as well as an internship in China.

The capstone year of study abroad is crucial for students to reach a professional level of Chinese language proficiency by graduation, and is required of all Flagship students.

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