Roadmap and Curriculum Stage Two

Flagship Professional Scholars take one content-based course per semester taught in Chinese that focuses on material in their professional areas.

A one-credit independent study course will be offered to assist students in reading materials in non-language courses and to practice public speaking or debates on issues in professional areas.

In addition to these courses, language proficiency is gained via one-on-one interaction with professional partners who are Chinese graduate students with the same professional areas of interest or majors as the Flagship Professional Scholars. If face-to-face meetings cannot be arranged, students can conduct synchronous conversation sessions in our center’s online live classroom platform, where users on both ends can share documents in text, audio, and video formats.

Flagship students participate in a variety of activities in their professional fields of choice.  Examples of such activities include interviews, meetings, reporting, conferences, negotiations, presentations, and research. Students will also develop professional-level language skills through internships in New York City.

Courses relevant to Stage Two (Domestic Studies) are: Vocabulary Building I and II, Translation in Chinese I and II, Taoism, Chinese Art, and Independent Study (can be taken 3 times).

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