Flagship Capstone Year

The Flagship Capstone year in China is organized by American Councils. The Chinese Flagship Overseas Center at Nanjing University is hosted by Brigham Young University, and the Chinese Flagship Overseas Center at Tianjin Normal University is fully administered by American Councils. Flagship Capstone offers undergraduate students the opportunity for intensive, professional language training and development. Chinese Flagship students take courses at Nanjing University for one semester and then spend one semester in an internship, while students who are enrolled at Tianjin Normal University take courses throughout the year and occupy themselves with an internship the second half of the year.

Applications to the Overseas Chinese Flagship Program are usually due in March for the following academic year. Students must plan in advance to apply for the program and to meet proficiency and study abroad eligibility requirements. Participants in a study abroad program in China must demonstrate advanced-level proficiency in all modalities.

Language Flagship Scholarships for study abroad are available for outstanding Chinese Flagship students who are making satisfactory academic progress. Students who wish to be considered for Language Flagship Scholarships are strongly encouraged to apply for other scholarships, grants, and sources of financial aid as well.

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