Marks Scholarship


Mary with Recipients May 3, 2017

Mary and Alan Marks Scholarship Award Ceremony
Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Mary and Alan Marks, eight Chinese Flagship students received scholarships to help support their Capstone year abroad. Mary and Alan Marks, parents of Hunter Flagship student Stacey Marks, have been great supporters of the Hunter College Chinese Language Flagship Program. On May 3rd, 2017, during the final Flagship Student Meeting for the spring semester, Mary Marks addressed Flagship students and staff about the importance of “paying it forward” and the uniqueness of the Chinese Flagship Program. Thanks to Mary and Alan Marks’ donation, eight Flagship students will have their financial challenges significantly eased during their Capstone year in China. Mary ended her remarks with a final bit of wisdom: “Years from now, when each of you is successful in your chosen career path, I only hope you will remember to ‘pay it forward.’” Afterwards, the eight scholarship recipients recited a Chinese poem of gratitude to express their appreciation for Mary and Alan Marks’ contribution.

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