Chinese Flagship Faculty & Staff

Der-lin Chao, Director

Dr. Chao is Professor and head of the Chinese Division at Hunter College as well as Principal Investigator and Director for the Chinese Flagship Center project at Hunter College.  Read More...

Bing Ying Hu, Program Coordinator

Bing Ying Hu is the Program Coordinator of the Hunter Chinese Flagship Program.  Read More...

Bo Hao, Project Coordinator

Bo Hao is a lecturer of the Department of Classic and Oriental Studies at Hunter College and the Program Coordinator of the Hunter Chinese Flagship Center.  Read More...

Haleeq Usman, Programmer

Haleeq Usman is a freelance programmer. 

Wei-Yi Cheng, Flash Programmer

Professor Cheng received her M.A. in Educational Communication and Technology from New York University. Read More...

Yiming Wang, Tutor

Yiming Wang grew up in Shanghai, China.  She holds a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from East China Normal University in Shanghai.  She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Chinese at Hunter College. She has taught school-aged students for nearly three years in both group and private settings in Shanghai.  She has participated in online tutoring at Hunter's STARTALK Extension Program which provided an opportunity for high students to continue learning Chinese.  She is committed to helping more students of all ages to gain fluency in Chinese.  

Chiyu Chang, Tutor

Chiyu Chang grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She worked as a journalist in Taiwan for more than 10 years covering political news and writing features on art news. She also worked for the NYC local Chinese newspaper “Ming Pao Daily News” for a short period of time. She received a master degree in Communication Arts at NYIT. She attended the first year of the STARTALK program at Hunter College in 2007, and joined the program again in the summer of 2011. She has taken a graduate course on Pedagogical Grammar at Hunter to help develop her teaching skills.  She has been teaching Chinese language and culture to a wide range of age groups - from primary school through adult education - and over time has become more and more interested in Chinese teaching.

Pam Weiss, Administrative Assistant

Pam Weiss received a B.A. from Hunter in 2006. She has worked with Dr. Der-lin Chao for over ten years. She helped to edit Dr. Chao's New Multimedia Course for Learning Chinese Characters textbook and workbook, and created instructional material for the related website. She is very happy to be back at Hunter and to be a part of the Flagship team.

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