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Professor Cheng received her M.A. in Educational Communication and Technology from New York University. She currently teaches Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese courses at Hunter College. Every summer since 2007, she has taught Chinese, developed web materials, produced digital documents and provided technical support for the STARTALK program at Hunter College.

She has also participated in the Chinese Literacy Development Project since 2004. In addition to utilizing various instructional methods and resources to engage students in Chinese learning, she has also applied educational strategies to the design and development of interactive multimedia websites. The clear learning materials and diverse practices of these websites have facilitated Chinese learning for both children and adults.

Professor Cheng's works include "Chinese Sound System", "Essay Reading Materials", "Task-based Video Modules Literacy Materials", "Dialogue on Four Themes - Self, Family, School and Community", "Measure Words", "Word Search Puzzle", "Chinese Mythical Story - Chinese Zodiac", "Chinese Cartoon Level I - A Kitten Goes Fishing", and "Chinese Cartoon Level II - Princess Iron Fan".

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