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After graduating from University in Taiwan, Chiang Laoshi came to New York, searching for the lifestyle of movie stars and a fast-paced city life. After living in New York City for just two months, her Visa brought her back to Taiwan. However, The Big Apple wooed her back here in 2013. After teaching there at Columbia University for two years she left in 2015. After restlessly teaching at the International Chinese Language Program in Taiwan, her friends mentioned Hunter College to her. Upon finding out that the school sits right in the heart of Manhattan, and that Hunter champions one of 12 prestigious Chinese Flagship Programs, she began her application. The Empire State won her heart again. When sheโ€™s not sauntering through the city streets or admiring the towers of the big city, she is a sucker for classic romantic movies, especially ones like ็”œ่œœ่œœ (Comrades: Almost a Love Story).

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