Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards 艾东宇

Professional Fields: Philosophy and Chinese

Leadership Experience: Leadership Fellow - Project Pengyou/p>

Hobbies / Interests: Drums, Philosophy, Gardening, Bee-Keeping

Career Goals: Before becoming a part of the Chinese Flagship Program, I had the honor of serving the U.S. State Department as a Youth Ambassador to China through the National Security Language Initiative for Youth Scholarship. That academic year abroad, combined with the growing need for international cooperation, has resulted in my realization of the necessity for Americans to learn critical languages. I hope that through the Chinese Flagship Program at Hunter College, I will be able to gain the language skills necessary to succeed in this increasingly global world. However, language without truly understanding others cannot benefit the 1.3 billion Chinese people opened to me through simply knowing their language. Therefore, I hope to pair the skills gained through the Chinese Flagship Program with the values instilled by Project Pengyou, in order to find a career which brings the people of the U.S. and China to a level of greater mutual understanding. Due to my love of Philosophy, Religion, and Music, I hope to find a vocation where I can utilize my passions to develop U.S.-China's mutual understanding into the empathetic cooperation essential to the future of the world. Regardless of where life’s winding road takes me, I aspire to benefit others by leading them to understand the significance of improving U.S.-Chinese relations.

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