Benedith Bruno

Benedith Bruno 黄贝妮

Professional Fields: Anthropology and Chinese

Leadership Experience: Leading teacher assistant at an education program

Hobbies / Interests: Singing, Dancing, Fashion, Badminton, volleyball, International singers, Cultures

Career Goals: I always wanted to learn Chinese in second grade since I had a Chinese teacher named Ms. Randisi, but every time I started, I could not finish. Eventually, I met 黄鹏, and he helped me not give up on my Chinese. That's what made me join the Hunter College Chinese Flagship Program. As a Flagship student, I have the opportunity to learn Chinese the way I always dreamed of. To be honest, after college (or during it), I was hoping that I've already made a debut as a singer either as a soloist or group act, I am very interested in the music industry on an international level and languages. I hope to be the new star around the world, one who could speak to the hearts of others because I understand and sing in their languages.

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