Chelsea Minuche

Chelsea Minuche 莫佳珊

Professional Fields: Political Science and Chinese

Career Goals: I grew up in a bilingual household, speaking both Spanish and English since I was a little girl. During those early years I developed a penchant for languages. As I grew older and discovered the professional advantage of learning an Eastern language I began to toy with the idea of beginning the study of a language that was entirely different from the world of Western languages that I was already exposed to. Chinese had the greatest appeal for me because of the rich history of Chinese culture and the aesthetic appeal of Chinese characters. When I learned about the Chinese Flagship Program at Hunter College I was excited at having found the opportunity to study Chinese right here in New York City, where I could continue to reap the personal and educational benefits of living in one of the most culturally diverse and globalized cities in the world. I plan on double majoring in Chinese and Political Science and minoring in Human Rights here at Hunter College, and later going on to attend law school. I hope to continue to use and increase my skills in the Chinese language throughout the rest of my educational and professional career.

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