Christopher E. Crowley

Christopher E. Crowley 柯震寰

Professional Fields: Economics and Chinese

Hobbies / Interests: Hiking, camping, meteorology, astronomy, economic diplomacy, cooking (Italian food), eating (all food).

Career Goals: Upon graduation, I will strive to work to promote sustainable fair trade with China. I aspire to help enhance the competitive strength of American industries. In the long term, I dream of working as a Foreign Service Officer where I could help attract foreign investment and defend American economic and commercial interests abroad.

I spent my Capstone Year in Tianjin, China from fall 2015 to spring 2016. As a study abroad student at Tianjin Normal University, I took a direct enrollment course titled Contemporary Chinese Economic History. This course helped me gain a deeper understanding of Chinese economic policy. During the spring semester, I had the opportunity to research Sino-American trade deals alongside Chinese graduate students under the guidance of an economics professor who specializes in Agricultural Economics. I also sat in on a graduate level class that focused on agricultural and economic policy. Working as a student research assistant solidified my interest in making international trade a lifetime career.






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