Faith Pang

Faith Pang 彭穎恩

Professional Fields: English literature and Chinese

Hobbies / Interests: volleyball, swimming, music, reading

Career Goals: When I was young, I learned how to speak Cantonese and I went to Chinese school to learn how to write Chinese. At first, I disliked learning Chinese. I could not understand why I had to learn a difficult second language. But as I grew older, I grew more and more aware of my Chinese heritage, and I wanted to learn more about Chinese language. Now that I am in college, I want to improve my Mandarin speaking skills and ultimately to master the Chinese language. At Hunter, I am a Chinese, English and Music major. I plan to attend law school after I graduate and use my knowledge of Chinese along with my law degree to make a difference. I have an immense love for playing the piano. I began learning Classical music when I was four and have been playing ever since. I also love to read, especially fiction books. I enjoy playing volleyball and swimming.

Faith Pang completed her Capstone study during spring 2014. During her time in Tianjin, she took intensive Chinese language and culture classes, direct enrollment class and tutoring sessions. In class 391, students gain a deeper understanding of Chinese society and culture. Each week there is a different main theme that revolves on society's topics, including education, technology, environment etc. In class 371, students analyze current events through new programs and newspapers. Each class is designed with the goal of helping high-level Chinese language students improve at a rapid pace. 
During the second semester of the Tianjin Capstone year, students attend classes while also internship. Faith interned at Wisely Law Office in Tianjin ( At her internship, she assisted in researching background information for cases. Among these cases were company fraud cases and animal trafficking cases.
After completing her second semester in Tianjin, Faith began work as a Immigration Paralegal with Arnall Golden Gregory LLP ( at their headquarter office located in Atlanta, Georgia. There she hopes to use the language skills she gained in Tianjin to build new relationships with Chinese clients.
In July of 2016, Faith departed from Atlanta, Georgia for Charlottesville, Virginia to begin Law School at the University of Viginia. There she has continued to engage in cross cultural communication by involving herself with the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA). APALSA is a student run organization which provides an academic and social network for the Asian-American law students at the University of Virginia. APALSA promotes the welfare of its members by educational, professiona, cultural, and social programs and reaches out to the Law School community on local and national issues pertaining to Asian Americans.

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