Janette Wu

Janette Wu 吳霖莉

Professional Fields: Biology and Chinese

Leadership Experience: Head of communications with patients about the newly implemented electronic patient portal at SUNY Downstate Hospital

Hobbies / Interests: Business, Fashion, Hiking, Crafting, Traveling, Photography

Career Goals: I grew up surrounded by hearing my family speak Cantonese and Taishanese in the house but since most of my day was spent speaking English to my peers, that resulted in me conversing with my parents in English and them saying their responses in Cantonese. Flagship has given me the opportunity to practically reconnect with the roots of my culture and also allowed me to expand my level of communication to other people—especially those who only speak Mandarin. I aspire and am studying to become an orthodontist so studying Chinese will help build a closer, doctor to patient relationship as opposed to having a translator or merely limit myself to specific types of patients. My interest in the orthodontic field stemmed from having braces when I was younger and I know that becoming fluent in Mandarin will be a beneficial in providing a more personalized and relatable experience to help alleviate the problems and issues of having braces.

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