Jeffrey Lin

Jeffrey Lin 林瀟逸

Professional Fields: Psychology and Chinese

Hobbies / Inerests: Reading, Sports

Career Goals: I hope to become a Forensic Psychologist.

Jeffrey began his Capstone study in Nanjing in fall 2013 and finished in spring 2014.  He took two elective psychology/sociology courses at Nanjing University: Chinese People and Society, and Consumer Studies. Consumer Studies analyzed the role psychology plays in consumerism and advertising. The other class, Chinese People and Society, analyzed the culture and behavior of people in different Chinese communities. Jeffrey recommends this class because it gives insight into how Chinese society functions and the way in which Chinese people think. During the spring, he interned at Tap4Fun (, a mobile game company located in Chengdu. He worked at the Creative department in the company, and also collaborated with other departments such as HR, Marketing and Design. His primary job included game localization, translation and assisting with game design. 

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