Mona Zeitoun

Mona Zeitoun 刘梦娜

Professional Fields: Political Science and Chinese

Hobbies / Interests: International Business

Career Goals: I hope to boost my usefulness and versatility in the global workforce through my study of Mandarin. During my Capstone year in China, I studied at Nanjing University and interned with the Operations Department at Christie's Shanghai, a premier auction house. Completing a thesis on the emerging utility of environmental NGOs in China, entitled 中国政府近来对环保非政府组织态度的转变, and earning honors in Chinese Language & Literature during that time are academic achievements that I am particularly proud of. Through my internship at Christie's Shanghai, I also learned about the Chinese art market and gained experience working with global art professionals. I aim to pursue a career in the global art market and explore the intersection of art, law, and business.

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