Tanya Bouillon

Tanya Bouillon 貝雅薇

Professional Fields: Political Science and Mandarin Chinese

Hobbies / Interests: I love attending as many cultural events as possible, studying foreign languages, and researching projects and news dealing with Human rights, environmental sustainability, and International Relations. My hobbies consist of jogging, Longboarding, Ultimate Frisbee, dancing, singing, writing,  sketching landscapes and profiles, cooking, and video games.

Career Goals: I plan to pursue numerous foreign languages as the years progress, as I see studying language as my "ticket" to traveling the world.  Keeping Mandarin as my primary focus, I also plan to make myself well-informed on China's culture and policies. I am not sure what career I will have in the coming years, but I expect it to involve all of the skills I will receive from the Chinese Flagship Program. I hope to be a multilingual worker in a field dealing with people from other nations; and I want to find a career where I can see progress continually being made in aid for people worldwide.

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