Ting Ting Chan

Ting Ting Chan 陳婷婷

Professional Fields: Media Studies and Chinese

Hobbies / Interests: yoga, photography, traveling

Career Goals: I hope to find a job in either Journalism or PR.

Ting Ting attended Capstone from spring 2014 – fall 2015.  She interned at League X, a market firm in Shanghai.  After she completed the internship, Ting Ting was hired to work for the company full time.

She’s currently doing a 6-month backpacking trip throughout Southeast Asia and working remotely doing freelance work for League X, as a project manager and events coordinator. She plans to work for one more year in Shanghai for an event planning company when she returns in January – but after much contemplation, she’s decided to apply to work in the Peace Corps after that.  She hopes to start her mission around 2017. 

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