Learning on Location in Chinatown

Hands-On Learning Assignments
Chinese For All

Chinese for All is a first-of-its-kind synchronous communication learning platform with tools that let users share text, audio files, and videos. It is a unique course management system especially designed for interactive online language learning.

Curriculum & Assessment


The curriculum is developed based on proficiency outcomes (to read more about ACTFL proficiency, please click here).  The curriculum features language immersion with a theme-based and task-based approach, and utilizes authentic materials in the target language.


Instructional Design

Our previous learning outcomes show that middle and high school students with no background in Chinese can reach Novice-high in speaking and reading or listening after 150 instructional hours of blended learning.  We will adapt the same model for students in grades 6-8 and students in grades 9-12.  That is, incoming students will first attend a summer immersion program (six weeks for grades 9-12, three weeks for grades 6-8, two weeks for 3-5, one week for K-2), followed by a combination of face-to-face group sessions and online individual sessions during the academic year (2 hours group and 2 hours individual for 5-12, K-3 will have face-to-face sessions only).  Speaking and listening will be the focus of language instruction before students are introduced to literacy skills. Aspects of Chinese culture and history will be incorporated into the language instruction. Individual sessions can be conducted face-to-face or online. Through individual sessions, the content instruction will focus on science, math, art, and music. A personalized study plan will be created based on each student’s learning needs and interest.



Students of grades 3 – 12 will be instructed to take proficiency assessment – STAMP to document their yearly progress.  To take STAMP Sample Test, please click here.  K-2 students will be assessed by teachers using performance based assessment.